July 2008


Oysters on the Half Shell

A selection of oysters from the east and west coasts of Canada complete with your own Whalesbone Shucker!


Seared Mariposa duck breast loaded onto golden heirloom carrots, Pink Lady Apple, and shredded summer squash then piled onto a crispy sweet corn chip and drizzled with rhubarb gastrique.

Wild Pacific house smoked with lime crème fraîche atop caper, dill and polenta muffin

Summer salad wraps of Ontario green beans, local strawberries and soba noodles drizzled with dried cherry compote and black sesame


On Your Tables

Grilled Vegetables, Spiced Olives, Marinated Eggplant, Pickled things, Cured Meats, Lemon AND Garlic Confit, Aged Balsamic and Olive Oil, Gourmet Salts, Fresh Herb Crostini

For Your Vegetarian Guests

Broken Lasagna with Organic Local Mushrooms, Basil Pesto, Bonnechere Back Forty Cheese, and Roasted Local Chestnuts

For Everyone Else

Seared Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna Sashimi with Grapefruit, Asian Greens and Yuzu Cilantro Vinaigrette

Ginger wasabi potato hash Pave

All Canadian Heritage Ale braised Kerr Farms Short ribs

Crispy Shallots, Roasted Garlic Sour Cream and some really great Fresh Baked Breads to mop up all the sauce

Heirloom Tomato and Rustic Bread Salad, Whalesbone Sweet basil, Reduced Balsamic Syrup

Mizuna and Roasted Red Plum Salad with Chèvre, Green Beans, Toasted Almonds and Citrus-Star Anise Vinaigrette

Selection of

Bourbon vanilla and dark chocolate balsamic hand rolled truffles,

Mini brown-sugar pound cake, ginger and molasses cupcakes,

Local summer berries with wild honey whipped cream



Winter 2009

Sustainable House Smoked Fish and Sushi Array

Whalesbone's house smoked wild Atlantic Mackerel, Brown Sugar cured B.C Scallops and wild Red Salmon, caper berries, in house pickled ginger, crunchy wasabi peas and fresh local radish

Wild Pacific Albacore tuna and tempura nori rolls, Seared Pacific Sablefish Sashimi, Parsnip Tempura and Lemon Aioli Rice Rolls

100 Mile Artisan Cow and Sheep's Milk Cheese Array

Back Forty, Ferme Floralpe, La Trappe a Fromage, and Baldersons Cheeses, Dark Chocolate Truffles, Cranberry marmalade, and Drunken Fruits


Duck confit toasts with caramelized Spy apple, aged Ontario cheddar and maple butternut squash coulis

Seared Qualicum Beach Scallops with Double Smoked Canadian bacon, Vanilla Poached Pear and Pomegranate Reduction

Crispy Sweet Potato and Brown Butter Kale Ravioli with Apple Cider Jam and Cinnamon

Roasted Root Vegetable paves Layered with Sharp Cheese, Maple Cream and Sea Salt



Fall 2009

Smoked Shellfish and Cured Steak

House smoked Sustainable Seafood and Ocean fish, smoked and Cured Beef Tenderloin, grilled local winter Root Veg, fried peppers, Pickled Beets and Things, Whalesbone crackers

Vegetarian Version – Grilled and Marinated Tofu with Black Bean and Lentil Fried Pockets Loaded into a Grilled Winter Root Veg Salad


Seared Bison Strip Loin with cranberry chutney atop double smoked bacon, roasted Garlic and Chive Dumplings with Maple Crème

Vegetarian Version – Roasted Cinnamon Cap Mushroom in Place of Bison

Shallow Fried Pacific Squid Stuffed with Spicy Artisan Chorizo, Roasted Garlic Parsnip Puree, Whalesbone Chives and Crispy Calamari

Smoked Munster Trout with Apple Cider Reduction, Niagara Pancetta on Honeydew



Winter 2009


Roasted Cherry Tomato, Arugula, Goat's Cheese and toasted Pine Nuts with Candied Shallot Emulsion

Pink Grapefruit, Back Forty Blue, Celery Root and Roasted Beet with Maple-Cinnamon Gastrique

Red Leaf Lettuce, Homemade Croutons, Perconi crisp and Creamy "Caesar" Dressing


Melted Cheese atop Grilled Steak with Micro Arugula, Caramelized Onions and Chipotle Mayo on Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Bread

Roasted Turkey Breast with Cranberry and Pear Chutney on Twelve Grain Loaf

Roasted Veggie Sandwich on Focaccia with Smoked Cheese and White Balsamic Aioli



We love our food, and we think you will too.

We will work with you to customize a menu that is just right for you and your guests. But just to give you some ideas, here are a few examples of menus we created for past events:

Sample Menu #1 – Wedding Reception

Sample Menu #2 – Christmas Cocktail

Sample Menu #3 – Anniversary Party

Sample Menu #4 – Office Lunch